Heminfra Services Pvt Ltd

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Deep Excavation - Earth & Marine

Specialised in Deep Excavation Works in Earth, Sea, Marine upto -21 Mtrs
      by Super Long Reach Boom Excavators & Hydraulic Excavators

Deep Excavation in Earth & Sea - for Various works & Companies
Pre-construction Site Readyness(Industrial, Commercial, Residential), Forming a Coffer Dam, Deepening Lakes, Rivers, Shores, Marina & Beaches

Desaliation Plant, Gammon India, Befesa, IVRCL infrastructures, etc

HEAVY Equipments Rentals

HEM gives Heavy Equipments on Rental & Hire on Long & Short Term.
Telescopic & Crawler Heavy Cranes, 8 CBM Clamshell Crab with 75 Ton Crane, Hydraulic Excavators, Long Reach Boom Excavators, Sheet Pile Vibro Hammers with Power Pack, Fork Lifts, Loaders, Bulldozer, Barge, Heavy Winches, Generators, Grabs

BHEL, SUZLON, SICAL, NAPC, ITD Cementation, Gammon India, Befesa, IVRCL

HEM Equipments & Marine (Earth & Marine Works/Services)

New Ventures

Sainath Constructions
HEM Granites
HEM Logistics

Heminfra Services Pvt Ltd is a private limited company, operating various businesses and mainly into
    - Deep Excavation Works(Earth/Shore, Underwater, etc)
    - Sheet Piling(Very High - upto Minus 25(-) Mtrs) on Earth & Water), Sheet Pile Driving Works
    - Earth Works (Sheet Piling by Vibro Hammer, Filling, Excavation, Compaction)- Pre Construction Readyness
    - Foundation Management, Foundation Readyness for Industrial Construction, etc
    - Heavy Earth Moving Equipements & Machinaries - Rentals, Leasing & Hiring

Sheet Pile Driving

Sheet Piling by Vibro Hammer & Power Pack - Hydraulic Machine Operated to Strengthen Construction

PipeLine Works

Underground Pipeline Laying Works after Deep Excavation, Erection of Suction Pipes in Deep Sea

Marine Works

Specialised in COFFER DAM, Vessels & Barges Docking, Undocking in Open Beach

Coffer Dam

Specialised in Forming CofferDam in Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Shoreway, Sea, etc